[dropcap]M[/dropcap]att Grisham has been performing Magic for many years, and has won 8-National Awards for his show.  He is currently one of the busiest performers in the college and corporate market performing year round for audiences all over the country.  The “Magic has Never Been More Sarcastic” show, was specially created to be as interactive as possible.  This means that students are brought into the action and become the props on stage.  Almost every trick in the show uses volunteers, and because of this is unlike any other magic show you have seen.  Matt is an expert in his field and not only performs, but teaches as well with his full line of magic dvds, kits, books and more.  Magician - Hypnotist Matt GrishamHe has been a consultant to some of the biggest names around the world, helping design tricks for large stage shows, television programs, and celebrities.

Matt’s show has been the feature of many college events and everyone agrees, you have to see this show!  His unique blend of sarcasm will have your students laughing all night.  Matt will take your students on a 60 minute non-stop trip through his insane imagination.  There are many unique tricks in the show and you will not believe your eyes on the mind blowing illusions that Matt has in store.  He will not only include interactive comedy magic, but hilarious stories from life on the road and growing up as a magician. This is not your typical magic show, it’s much more.



Some things you might experience….

– Matt will try to wiggle his way out of a straight-jacket using his version of an Evolution of Dance type routine. That’s right time to drop it like it’s crazy.

– Matt will attempt to catch a speeding bullet in his mouth as he is shot in the face by a spectator. Ok, ya it’s a paintball gun and the bullet is a paintball, but you try getting through TSA with a real gun. Can you say body cavity search?

– Matt borrows money from the audience, destroys it. You won’t believe where it ends up….get your mind out of the gutter.



-The Regular Show Runs at 60 minutes, but can easily be extended or shortened depending on your needs
-All Shows include a Meet and Greet after with Matt, this is a great time for photos, autographs and questions.  Matt is happy to meet with all students
-The show can be adapted to almost any stage size, large or small.  We do usually ask that the stage be no smaller than 15’x15′
-Show Discounts May be Available in your area, email for information.  We specialize in making the show fit most budgets.